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June 1999
PHC  J. Wilson Photo Wisconsin to Norfolk 6-99.JPG (69101 bytes)

On June 17th, 1999 the USS WISCONSIN was moved from the Naval Inactive Reserve fleet in Portsmouth, Va. to the Naval Station Norfolk.  She is at the D&S (Destroyer and Submarine) piers.  Access to the ship and pier is strictly off limits but she's sitting where you can see her just GREAT.  On June 18th, a former USS IOWA sailor, John Schultz visited the ship and took some pictures. As you can see - the bow is at about 22 feet of draft (or so) while the stern is sitting a bit lower.  As these pictures were taken - there were several others snapping shutters and wondering what she's doing here!
During July and August our ship had a few more shutter bugs taking pictures of her.   See Below.

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011 Ragsdale.jpg (67141 bytes)
Eula Ragsdale
012 Dave Grisham.JPG (51877 bytes)
Next 2 photos by
Dave Grisham


013 Dave Grisham.JPG (71714 bytes)
014 Dom.JPG (59361 bytes)
Next 7 photos by
Dom Menta
015 Dom.JPG (64585 bytes)
016 Dom.jpg (49730 bytes)
017 Dom.jpg (41845 bytes)
018 Dom.jpg (37302 bytes)
019 Dom.jpg (58658 bytes)
Dick Hamann &
Dom Menta
020 Dom.jpg (59510 bytes)


021 3160016 Dick Tom Dom.JPG (77370 bytes)
Dick Hamann, Tom Lowney, Dom Menta
023 3160019 Wisconsin.JPG (50717 bytes)
Due to pier repairs, ship was moved to the other side of pier. She looks small now that she is at the other end of the pier.
022 3160018 Wisconsin.JPG (55674 bytes)
A zoomed in shot.
024 3160021 Wisconsin.JPG (45321 bytes)
She looks like she wants to go out into the big blue ocean.
025 3160022 Wisconsin.JPG (47395 bytes)
Zoomed in
026 PHC J.Wilson photo Wisconsin Pier 21 6-99.JPG (52549 bytes)
Photo by PHC J.Wilson Combat Camera.
June 17, 1999 Being towed  in to Pier 21
027 BB-64 Tina Ackerman PH1.JPG (48992 bytes)
The battleship Wisconsin is towed from Naval Station Norfolk's Pier 21 to Norfolk Naval Shipyard May 31, 2000, in preparation for final transit to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in downtown Norfolk, VA.  US Navy Photo by PH1 Tina M. Ackerman
028 BB-64 S.Earley  Virginian Pilot.JPG (60674 bytes)
May 31, 2000
The battleship Wisconsin passes Nauticus, its eventual home, on the way to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth.
Photo by
Steve Earley/The Virginian-Pilot

A.Hilliard  BB-64 to Portsmouth 5-31-00.jpg (63677 bytes)
May 31, 2000
Wisconsin to Portsmouth. 
Norfolk in the background
Next two photos by
Allen Hilliard

030 A. Hilliard BB-64 TO Portsmouth 5-31-00.JPG (55862 bytes)
031 CDR Grillo BB 64 1.JPG (77193 bytes)
 Pictures 31-33  taken by CDR Pat Grillo
Wisconsin being towed to Portsmouth
May 31, 2000


032 CDR Grillo BB 64 2.JPG (83443 bytes)
033 CDR Grillo BB 64 3.JPG (48770 bytes)

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