1940’S A – Z


1940’s A – Z

This is NOT our ship’s roster.  These are former crewmembers that have either joined our Association, or just requested to have their email address listed.Click Here for form to Add or Change your Email Address  Click Here for form to become a Member of our Association.  

Requests for home address and/or telephone number of listed members will only be provided  upon request to currently paid-up dues members of the Association.    E-mail request to LaDonna Bradshaw bb64members@aol.com  
A “Plank owner” is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.  In earlier years, this applied to a first commissioning: since then, it has often been applied to one who was part of a recommissioning crew as well.    “Plank owner” is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units.

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  ** PLANK OWNER      
M Adams, George J ** GM2/C 4th 1944-1946
  Adcock, Will EM2 E 1945-1946
M Alasevich, Robert ** PFC Marine 04/44-1947
  Beaulieu, Homer ** S1/C . 1943-1947
M Belzer, Franklin ** EM3 E 1944-1945
M Bender, Donald EM3 E 1944-1946
  Benjamin, Keith F1/C A 1945-1946
M Berry, John ** S1/C L 04/44-04/46
  Black, Val LCDR Eng. 1945
  Blake, James M S/1 8th 1946-1947
  Booz, George** S1/C CS 02/44-02/46
  Buchner Jack           SN2/C Radar 1943-1945
M Burton, Richard ** LT . 04/44-11/45
  Carlstrom, LaVerne S1/C R 1945-1946
M Clark, M.L. S1/C 5th 10/45-07/46
M Clemons, Dempsey RM1 OPS 1945
  Coate, James ** MU2 EX 04/44-02/46
  Cockburn, Thomas S1/C 5th 1944-1946
M Cohen, Ronald RDM2/C CIC 1947-1948
M Cook, James ** BM3 7th 01/44-10/45
M Cooper, Grant S1/C 7th/8th/S 08/46-12/47
  Cornelius, Arthur S1/C R 1943-1946
  Cottington, Bruce RM3/C Radio 1947
M Cross, Arthur F-1 B 1946-1948
  Davis, Leon S1c EX 1944-1945
M Dederick, Ted ENS M 10/45-09/46
M Donaghy, James S1/C 1st 1946-1947
M Donnelly, James ** S1/C 5th 03/44-09/44
M Duke, Jack Douglas S/1 R 1946-1948
M Dunham, Stephen F1/C M 1946
M Eli, Don W. S2/C CR 1945-1946
  Elliott, Burney J. S2/C R 1945-1946
M Elliott, Carthell ** RD2 K 1944-12/45
M Esposito, Stanley . . 1945-1945
M Estrada, Robert** RM3 CR 04/44-03/46
M Farrell, Al MM3 M 06/46-08/47
M Faso, William** CPL Marine 1944-1945
  Fink, Charles PHM2C H 1944-1945
  Fiore Michael  F2/C M 1944
M Forbes William  S2/C . 1945-1946
M Fridley, Bernard ** S1/C L/4 04/44-04/46
  Friend Richard  GM3 4th 1944-1946
M Garthwaite, Richard SKD3 S 03/46-12/47
  Gentry, Albert MM2 B 1944-1945
  Gibson Roland  FA B 1946
  Gillette, George ENS 2nd 09/45-03/46
M Glinos, L. James HN1/C H 1946-1948
M Griel, G. Robert ** S 1/C 1st 1944-1946
M Groat, John PO3 SS 04/46-12/47
M Guidry, Edmond ** EM2 E 12/43-09/45
M Haas, Charles RM3 CR 1946–1948
  Hales, Harry ** S1/C 7th 04/44-04/46
M Hansbrough, Robert**  EM1/C E 1943-1945
  Harner, Burnell FC1/C   1946
  Hart, James QM2/C N 1945
  Harvey, Richard SN FM 08/46-01/48
M Haskins, Kenneth F2/C M 1945-1946
M Herd, Bill ** GM3 4th 04/44-12/45
  Hill, Harvey M BM BSN 1943-1946
M Hilliard, John F1 B 1946-1948
  Hinchcliffe, Thomas W. S1/C   1944-1945
  Hoagland, RP (Jim) B3/C B 03/46-12/47
M Hohner, Walter S1/C R 1947
  Hoskins, Walter S/2 1st 1945
M House, Thomas CSM CS 1944-1946
  Howenstein Edward S1/C FM 1945-1946
  Hudson, James SC3 C 1944-1945
M Husta, Richard ** MU2 EX 11/43-04/46
. Janecka, Henry F1/C Refrig. 1945
 M Jenkins, Jr. Jesse H. GM3 6th 1944-1946
M Jenkins, Robert RM3 CR 08/44-04/46
M Johnson, George W. Senior LT Aviation Div. 1945
M Johnson, Harry E-3 E 1946-
. Johnson, James O BM3 4th 1945
M Johnson, Richard S1/C FM 03/45-09/45
M Jones, Compton YN1 Adm 1945
M Jones, James S1/C FM 1946-1948
. Karr, William GM1C 5th 1946-1948
M Kellogg, Oliver S1/C RM 02/45-10/45
. Kennedy Gerald SNFR 2nd 1944-1945
M King, Steven ** S1/C 7th 04/44-10/45
  Kintzel, Carl ** EM1 E 1944-1946
  Klancer, Richard MMR3 A 1945-1947
M Kokidko, Leo ** GM3 1st 04/43-10/46
M Kramer, John PFC Marine 10/47-01/48
. Kritsidimos, George RM1   1947
  Kuechenmeister, William** MM1C A 1944-1946
M Ladusaw, William T. FC3 FC 1946-1947
. Lambert James  RM3/C CR 1944-1946
M Lape, Raymond GM3 2nd 05/47-11/47
M Laufenburg, Herbert S1/C R 10/45-07/46
  Lauscher, Louis RM3/C Flag 1945
M Lawson, Charles ** S1/C 6th 04/44-04/46
  Lein, Ray B. F1/C Engineering 1947-1947
. Linenbroker, Marvin YNT3   1947
.. Lister Wilbert G SN1/C FM 1945-1946
M Lyle, Fred S1/C 3rd 1944-1946
. Lyons Walter  F1/C A 1946-1947
. Maccaroni, Martin ** S1/C Gunnery 01/44-01/46
M Magliulo, Ralph S1/C 1st 07/46-04/48
  Malone, Maurice QM3 CS 10/46-04/48
. Maloney, Francis S1/C 6th 1946-1948
M Manzo, Nicholas S3/C Coxswain 1943-1946
  Markoff, Michael 2/C Radio 1943-1946
M Marrero, Henry STM1 SM 1946-1947
. McCloskey, James F2/C Eng 1945-1946
M McDermott, Joseph ** MM3 A 04/44-12/45
M McGarvey, William** FC/2 2nd Battery FC 1943-1945
  McKell, David F1MM B/M 1/46-1/47
M McStay, Joseph CPL Marine 10/45-12/47
  Meehan, John SGT Marine 1945-1948
. Melin, Nils Anderson S1/C K 1946-1948
. Meyers, Carl SN K 1946-1948
  Meyer, Joseph T ** S2/C   N 1944-1945
M Milham, Alexander TEMSN CR 08/46-04/48
M Millberry, Donald RD3 CR 08/46-05/48
M Millman, Arnold DCW3 R 08/46-04/48
. Mitchell, William F ** LT Gunnery/J-9 1944-1945
M Moffitan, Raymond** S1/C FM 1944-1946
  Mogle, Glen ** RM3/C CR 1944-45
  Montgomery, John S1/C R 1946-1948
  Montrose, Owen GM1/C 5th 1946-1947
  Mooney, John** S1/C 7th 1943-1945
  Moser, Maurice L SGT Marine 1944-1946
M Moule, Mynot F2 B 1946-1948
M Mullins, Ernest YN3   1947-1948
M Nash, Charles F1/C E 1946-1947
M Neville, Thomas S2/C 1st 1946
M Nichols, George F1/C A 1945-1946
M Novak, Allan SKD3 S 1946-1948
M Novotny, Clarence   FA 1945
M Olson, Gerald S1/C FA 1945-1946
M Overholt, Jack PFC Marine 1945-1947
M Padgett, Benjamin ** S1/C L 1944-1946
M Pardee, William RDM3/C K 1945-1946
M Persch, Alfred MM2 M 1944-1946
M Philbrick, Russell ** GM1 4th 1944-1945
M Pierce, Henry ** SK2 S 1944-1945
  Prahl, Edward F2/C M 1945-1946
  Pultz, Charles ** S1/C 2nd 1944-1946
Rae, Ernest SK3 S 1945-1947
M Ranft, Dale ** EM3 E 1944
M Reese, William ** FCS3 FA 1944-1946
M Reeves, Robert ** FC3 FA 1944-1945
M Roberts, Frank ENS R 1945-1946
M Robinson, James ** EM2/C E 1943-1946
  Robinson, Kenneth GM2 5th 1946-1947
  Rodgers, Don V S1/C Fam 1946-1947
M Rusnak, Steve ** Coxswain 6th 1944-1946
M Ryan, Thurman S1/C 4th 1944-1946
  Schleich, Nicholas ** EMC E 1943-1945
M Schmidt, Walter  ** S1/C Q 1944-1946
  Schnipper, Herman PHOM3 C 06/47-08/47
M Scott, Fred S1/C FM 05/46-01/48
M Sheridan, Glenn ** PHM2 H 04/44-02/46
. Sipe Andrew 1/C 2nd 1944-1946
M Sirigos, Harris ** SK1 S 04/44-07/48
M Starkweather, Walter** S1/C 7th 1944-1946
  Staskiewicz Isadore ** CPL Marine 03/44-11/44
M Stoops, Harold S1/C 5″Batt 1946-1948
M Sweda, Nicholas ** WT2 B 03/44-04/46
M Swinnich, Edward S1/C 1st 1947-1948
  Thoman, William RM3C . 1944-46
M Tomcho, John S2/C 1st 1946-1946
M Torchia,Joseph S1/C 7th 09/46-05/48
M Tothero, Stanton S2/C 3rd 09/46-03/47
M Watson, James ** FC3 FA 04/44-04/46
M Weigers, Edward S1/C CR 1945-1946
M White, James S1/C R 10/45-07/46
M Williams, Gene MU2 EX 1947-1948
M Wilson, Leroy S1/C FA 07/46-01/48
. Zdebski, Charles ETM2C   1946-1947

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