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A “Plank owner” is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.  In earlier years, this applied to a first commissioning: since then, it has often been applied to one who was part of a recommissioning crew as well.    “Plank owner” is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units.

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  CREWMEMBER **Plankowner Rate/Rank Division Years on Board
M Fanshel, Seymour SN SS 01/56-08/57
M Fassino, Edward ** FT2 FA 01/51-08/53
  Faulk, Marlyn ** CSSN S-1 1950-1954
  Feiler, Edwin LTJG Supply 09/56-03/58
M Ferguson, Frank BT3 B 09/55-09/56
M Fimmano, Joseph SH3 SS 01/51-11/52
M Fiore, Gabriele RM3 CR 01/53-09/53
. Fleming, Hank DK2 S-2 12/52-08/56
  Flint, Robert SN FC 03/55-1958
  Floyd, Robert BT2 B 1953-1957
M Foglia, George  ** QM3 N 01/51-12/52
  Foreit, Robert PFC Marine 1955-1957
. Forti John Midshipman . 1957
M Fournier, Robert CPL Marine 1956-1958
  Fox, Francis H. Midshipman   1952-1952
M Fox, John YN3 Operations 12/52-10/55
  Fox, Jon LT Midshipman 1956
M Francis, Woodson ** FT3 FM 01/51-09/52
 M Francisco, Bobby SN 7th 09/51-05/54
M Franjione, Albert PN3 X 05/55-02/57
. Franklin, Howard E3 FC 1955-1957
M Fransetta, Tony RD3 L 1953-1955
M Frevola, Tom DK3 S 08/53-12/56
. Fuhrer Bob TE3 OR 1956-1957
M Fulcher, Thomas RD3 L/K 1953-1955
M Fulton, Jack ET2 T 1953-55
M Furland, Russell FN M 04/56-12/57
M Ganson, James PNA2 X 1955-1956
  Gant, Robert (Archie) RM3 CR 1955-1957
M Garcia, Tony SGT Marine 1955-1957
  Gaynor, Jack PN2  X 1956-1958
M Gearhart, Ted RD2 K 08/53-09/54
M Genet, Joseph MM2  M 1951-1953
  Gilbert, William MM3 M 1956-1958
. Gillette, Frank SK3 SK1 1955-1957
M Giroux, Dean FT2 FA 1956-1958
  Golden, Patrick F. Midshipman . 1952
. Goldstein, Edwin 3/C OE 1954-1955
M Goldstein, Jerry MM2 A 11/54-03/58
M Goodman, James Wayne SK3 S-2 1952-1956
  Goodwin, Robert SKSN Flag 1952
  Gregoire, Paul FN E 1956-1958
M Grochwoski, Henry E. FT3 FA 1952-1953
M Guariglia, Vincent CS3 S-1 1952-11/55
M Guttschall, Theodore W. YN3 EX 1951-1955
  Haas, Richard LT Mid 1955
  Haefner, Everett J.** MML3 C 1951-1952
M Haggerty, Gordon PN3 EX 1952-1953
M Haines, Jackie L. GM2 6th 1953-1954
  Hall, David Midshipman   1954
M Hamann, Richard ** SA 3rd 01/51-08/51
  Hancock, Boyd MM3/C A 1955-1958
. Hankinson, Marv SN 1st 1953-1954
M Harness, William SN K 08/51-06/52
M Harris, Eldon CPL Marine 1954-1956
M Hartwigsen, Paul EM2 E 1956-1958
. Harwell, Thomas Midshipman   1957
M Haslow, Willard MM3 M 06/56-11/57
  Hassay, Edward HM3 H 09/51-08/52
M Healey, Matthew MID . 06/56-08/56
M Heath, Don ** RD1 K 01/51-12/52
  Hebron, Kenneth ENS Staff 09/53-03/54
M Heil, Vernon ENFN A 06/55-01/58
M  Hella, Roy  MM3  M  1955-1958
. Hellmich, Hudson 3/C Midshipman 1955
  Hellwig, Thomas MM2 M 1955-1958
M Henke, Ronald E RD3 Radar 1955-1957
M Henson, William  ** MM2 M 01/51-05/54
M Herbert, WM (Buck) CSG3 Commissary 1954-1955
. Hestad James HM2 H 1956-1957
  Hilliard, Allen LT ACDUTRA 1955
M Hinrichs, Jerald MM M 1956-1958
M Hodgis, Michael MU2 EX 1954-1955
M Hofmeister, Leo MM2 B 02/56-03/58
  Hofstetter, David IC1 E 03/51-03/55
  Hogan, BJ  Bud EN3 A 1951-1952
M Hogberg, Art BMSN 4th 1952-1954
  Holland, Robert EM2 E 09/51-06/54
  Holmberg, Richard SN K 1953-1954
  Hopper, Rex, E CPL Marine 1954-1956
. Horger, John BT2 B 1951-1955
M Horn, Bart GMM3 2nd 1953-1954
  Hornshaw, James BM1 7th 1952-1957
M Horsnell, George BMSN 4 03/52-09/55
. Hough Chuck PH3 X 1958
  Houser, Tyrone SN 1st 1956-1958
  Howard, James B. SA   1951-1952
M Howe, Royce TE2 C 11/52-06/56
  Howell, Archie ** SN 7th 1951-1952
M Howland, Jr., Lewis A. MM3 M 1954-1956
.. Huertas Jose SA Comm 1956-1957
M Hughes, Kenneth YN2 R 09/51-05/55
M Hunt, Raymond SN 1st 1952-1954
M Hurst, Claude EM3 E 02/56-12/57
. Hussey, Robert SN 7th 1953-1954
M Huttenstine, Bruce GM3 2nd 05/51-05/55
. Iddings Charles FA ENG 1956-1957
. Insana, Frank MR2/C A 1951-1953
M Iosue, Michael SN FM 1956-1958
M Irey,  John SN 7th 1955-1956
. Iwanejko, Joseph SA L 1951-1952
  Jacobs, Robert ENS/LTJG C 1953-1954
M Jackson, Raymond GMA2 FM 1953-1956
  Jackson, William SN Eng 1956-1957
. Janisch, Joseph DK3 7th 1956
M Jenkins, Gordon SA 3rd 08/51-06/52
M Jensen, Norman FN B 1956-1957
M Jernigan, Robert FP3 R 07/53-09/54
. Jeska Ervin SN3 5th 1953-1956
M Johnson, Richard T. SN FM 1950-1952
  Johnston, William QM3 Q 07/52-10/52
  Jones, Thomas SN OR 05/56-03/58
M Jordan, Laurien SN 1st 1955-1958
. Jowett, Donald SN R 1955
M Joyce, Charles L ** EM2 E 1950-1952
. Judson James Midshipman . 1957


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