Seven Day Bermuda Cruise, May 5-12, 2007

05 May Norfolk, Virginia   4:00PM Boarding
06 Cruising     Cruising
07 Hamilton, Bermuda 1:00 PM   Docked
08 Hamilton, Bermuda     Docked
09 Hamilton, Bermuda   7:00 AM  
09 St. George Island, Bermuda 9:00 AM   Docked
10 St. George Island, Bermuda   12:00 PM  
11 Cruising     Cruising
12 Norfolk, Virginia     Docked

Another great cruise, in spite of the uncooperative weather. We did not hear of any complaints, so I guess it’s safe to say, a good time was had by all.  All though the ship was smaller than the one’s we have sailed on in the past, it was still a good ship. As for the cabins, I don’t want to say they were small, but when we walked into ours, I thought I was walking into the closet and so I started to look for the door to our cabin. Lil informed me that we were in our cabin. If we thought our cabin was small, you should have seen our bathroom, as a matter of fact if you see our bathroom, let me know where it is, I still can’t find it.  All kidding aside, Lil and I enjoyed the cruise very much, the food as usual was very good and plentiful. Cabin stewards, waiters, servers etc. were very accommodating. The nightly Showtime Entertainment was good also.
One final note, boarding and disembarking through the Half Moon terminal in Norfolk was a breeze, better than some of the others we have gone through

           I want to thank Bob Simpson, Don Coveleski and Mike Rigdon for sharing some of their photos for this page. It was not easy picking out 138 pictures for this page out of a total of 1,035 all good photos. I don’t know how many times I sifted through all of them to come up with the ones I have posted here.  I tried to tell the story of us leaving and returning.

 Photo  Credits: Don Coveleski (53 photos)
112to122,127 to130,132,135to138.
Bob Simpson
(8 photos)                                                
No’s. 5,12,13,14,15,83,88,131.
 Mike Rigdon (22 photos)
No’s.  3,31to42,86,90,91,93,94,107,109,111,134.
Lil Menta No. 73     Dom Menta  Remaining 53 photos.

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