December 18, 2013
It has been reconfirmed with Christine Arrasate of Nauticus, that USS Wisconsin Association members can tour the Wisconsin free of charge.
Nauticus requires a two week notice from our members so that they can make sure of
booking them into a tour.
The person to call is Christine Arrasate on (757) 664-1019.
Very important, members must show their current association membership card in order to receive this privilege. Any non members brought along will have to pay the standard price.
For general information related to operations and status of battleship Wisconsin visit, https://www.nauticus.org

bar050April 16, 2013 Turnover Ceremony
On Friday April 16, our ship was officially turned over to the city of Norfolk, VA.
Ceremony took place aboard our ship in front of turret one at 10:00 AM.
VADM David Architzel passed on the long glass to Mayor Paul Fraim. The ships bell and whistle sounded while red, white and blue streamers were launched into the air and a 21 gun salute was rendered on shore.
Nauticus Executive Director, Hank Lynch informed the attendees that parts of the ships interior will be opened this year.
I have posted 21 pictures of this event on our website. On our site,
www.usswisconsin.org click on OTHER PHOTOS PAGE 3 and scroll down to photo #564 to #584.

December 14, 2009
Our Beloved USS Wisconsin (BB-64) has been donated by the Navy to the City of Norfolk, VA. She is now a Navy Veteran and a civilian like us.
She will be residing at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA.
Mom-ma will be very happy to see all of her children, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Director of Development, Brian Fair sort of sums up this great event:
From: Brian.Fair
To: BB64BT1Retired@aol.com
CC: John.Elliker@norfolk.gov
Sent: 12/15/2009 2:50:22 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Draft for Wisconsin Folks

On Monday, December 14 the stork swooped into Norfolk and delivered one very special “girl” to the City and Nauticus.  She is very big for her age and looks good in gray — she is the USS Wisconsin!

Navy officials signed the paperwork Monday to donate the service’s last battleship, the Wisconsin, to the city of Norfolk, Va., the Navy announced. The transfer is the next step in opening up many of the ship’s interior spaces for public tours. Nauticus expects interior spaces to be open to the public by Summer of 2010, and for additional expanded guided tours to start soon, that will visit more spaces and give more details for military and history buffs.

On the special tour we may include John Fox’s old bunk, complete with old flasks; Tom Bradshaw’s boiler room hang out, which I’m told is where all the good parties happened; and the one machine every sailor took advantage of during their tour — the gigantic mashed potato machine in the mess kitchen. We know the Association members are excited to hear this news, and we are proud to be the steward of YOUR battleship. On a personal note, I am rejoicing over this transfer because it means when I speak at the reunions, I now have no chance of getting heckled anymore! Ed Gavin even threw a roll at my head once, but he probably doesn’t remember it.

This journey has had many ups and downs. I have heard your stories of sacrifice, of teamwork, and of bravery, and of how much the Wisconsin means to each and every one of you. I have seen tear-filled eyes look in portholes for a glimpse of a bunk. I have seen men and women from 90 to 19 gather together, break bread, and tell sea stories about this beloved ship. From weathering typhoons in the South Pacific Seas, to her first direct hit off Korea, to the awful accident off the Virginia coast that damaged her bow, your ship reminds me of all of you — tough, strong, and putting others before yourselves. From her first deployment in WWII to returning from Operation Desert Storm, thousands of sailors left a piece of their heart on the USS Wisconsin for decades. Now, soon, all that passion will be on display for the public to see.

She is finally come “home,” and now the noble duty is upon all of us to make sure that she is protected and kept in ship-shape for generations in the future. Look for more information on how you all can help do that in the next issue of the Badger ….


Brian J. Fair
Director of Development
One Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA 23510


To Request Copies of Military Records click on the following URL and follow instructions. https://archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/

Military Ceremony on the Battleship Wisconsin
The Hampton Roads Naval Museum and the Battleship Wisconsin are a popular place for service members to have their reenlistments, commissioning, retirements or other special ceremonies. The Hampton Roads Naval Museum offers space in the museum and on the ship at no charge for these official ceremonies.

However, you must contact the Hampton Roads Naval Museum at
757-322-3106 or email 
thomas.dandes@navy.mil  to make arrangements, or if you have questions.

For the history of the “Yellow Ribbon” click on the ribbon


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