Main Gun Battery
Nine 16″/50 Caliber guns in three gun turrets
Range: 23 miles Projectiles: Armor piercing 2,700 lb. High capacity 1,900 lb. Powder: Six 110 lb. Bags Rate of fire: Two rounds per minute per gun
Use: Anti-surface, shore bombardment

Secondary Gun
Twelve 5″/38 caliber guns in six twin mounts
Range 9 miles
Projectiles: 55 lb.
Powder: 30 lb.
Rate of fire: Fifteen rounds per minute per gun
Use: Anti-surface, anti-air, shore bombardment

Air Defense
Four Phalanx Close-In Weapons Systems capable of firing 20mm ammunition at a rate of 50 rounds per second for self-defense against missiles and aircraft.

Tomahawk: Capable of carrying (32) land attack or anti-ship cruise missiles in eight armored box launchers. Harpoon: Capable of carrying (16) anti-ship missiles in canister mounts.

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