1950’s F – J

1950’s   F – J 

This is NOT our ship’s roster. These are former crewmembers that have either joined our Association, or just requested to have their email address listed.
Click Here for MEMBERSHIP form. Same form may be used to add or make changes to your listed information and for non members requesting to have their email address listed.

Requests for home address and/or telephone number of listed members will only be provided  upon request to currently paid-up dues members of the Association.
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A “Plank owner” is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission.  In earlier years, this applied to a first commissioning: since then, it has often been applied to one who was part of a recommissioning crew as well.    “Plank owner” is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units.

‘M’ DENOTES ASSOCIATION MEMBER To email a crewmember, click on his name if shown in blue.

  CREWMEMBER **Plankowner Rate/Rank Division Years on Board
M Fanshel, Seymour SN SS 01/56-08/57
M Fassino, Edward ** FT2 FA 01/51-08/53
  Faulk, Marlyn ** CSSN S-1 1950-1954
M Feiler, Edwin LTJG Supply 09/56-03/58
M Ferguson, Frank BT3 B 09/55-09/56
M Fimmano, Joseph SH3 SS 01/51-11/52
M Fiore, Gabriele RM3 CR 01/53-09/53
. Fleming, Hank DK2 S-2 12/52-08/56
  Flint, Robert SN FC 03/55-1958
  Floyd, Robert BT2 B 1953-1957
  Foglia, George  ** QM3 N 01/51-12/52
  Foreit, Robert PFC Marine 1955-1957
. Forti John Midshipman . 1957
M Fournier, Robert CPL Marine 1956-1958
  Fox, Francis H. Midshipman   1952-1952
  Fox, Jon LT Midshipman 1956
M Francis, Woodson ** FT3 FM 01/51-09/52
 M Francisco, Bobby SN 7th 09/51-05/54
M Franjione, Albert PN3 X 05/55-02/57
. Franklin, Howard E3 FC 1955-1957
M Fransetta, Tony RD3 L 1953-1955
M Frevola, Tom DK3 S 08/53-12/56
. Fuhrer Bob TE3 OR 1956-1957
M Fulcher, Thomas RD3 L/K 1953-1955
M Furland, Russell FN M 04/56-12/57
M Furlow, William DK3 3rd/S-2 1951-1952
M Ganson, James PNA2 X 1955-1956
M Garcia, Tony SGT Marine 1955-1957
  Gaynor, Jack PN2  X 1956-1958
M Gearhart, Ted RD2 K 08/53-09/54
M Genet, Joseph MM2  M 1951-1953
  Gilbert, William MM3 M 1956-1958
. Gillette, Frank SK3 SK1 1955-1957
  Golden, Patrick F. Midshipman . 1952
. Goldstein, Edwin 3/C OE 1954-1955
M Goldstein, Jerry MM2 A 11/54-03/58
  Goodwin, Robert SKSN Flag 1952
  Gregoire, Paul FN E 1956-1958
M Grochwoski, Henry E. FT3 FA 1952-1953
M Guariglia, Vincent CS3 S-1 1952-11/55
M Guttschall, Theodore W. YN3 EX 1951-1955
  Haas, Richard LT Mid 1955
  Haefner, Everett J.** MML3 C 1951-1952
M Haggerty, Gordon PN3 EX 1952-1953
M Haines, Jackie L. GM2 6th 1953-1954
  Hall, David Midshipman   1954
  Hancock, Boyd MM3/C A 1955-1958
. Hankinson, Marv SN 1st 1953-1954
M Harness, William SN K 08/51-06/52
M Harris, Eldon CPL Marine 1954-1956
M Hartwigsen, Paul EM2 E 1956-1958
. Harwell, Thomas Midshipman   1957
M Haslow, Willard MM3 M 06/56-11/57
  Hassay, Edward HM3 H 09/51-08/52
M Healey, Matthew MID . 06/56-08/56
M Heath, Don ** RD1 K 01/51-12/52
  Hebron, Kenneth ENS Staff 09/53-03/54
M  Hella, Roy  MM3  M  1955-1958
. Hellmich, Hudson 3/C Midshipman 1955
  Hellwig, Thomas MM2 M 1955-1958
M Henke, Ronald E RD3 Radar 1955-1957
M Henson, William  ** MM2 M 01/51-05/54
M Herbert, WM (Buck) CSG3 Commissary 1954-1955
. Hestad James HM2 H 1956-1957
  Hilliard, Allen LT ACDUTRA 1955
M Hinrichs, Jerald MM M 1956-1958
M Hodgis, Michael MU2 EX 1954-1955
  Hofstetter, David IC1 E 03/51-03/55
  Hogan, BJ  Bud EN3 A 1951-1952
  Holland, Robert EM2 E 09/51-06/54
  Holmberg, Richard SN K 1953-1954
  Hopper, Rex, E CPL Marine 1954-1956
. Horger, John BT2 B 1951-1955
M Horsnell, George BMSN 4 03/52-09/55
M Hough Chuck PH3 X 1958
  Houser, Tyrone SN 1st 1956-1958
  Howard, James B. SA   1951-1952
M Howe, Royce TE2 C 11/52-06/56
  Howell, Archie ** SN 7th 1951-1952
M Howland, Jr., Lewis A. MM3 M 1954-1956
.. Huertas Jose SA Comm 1956-1957
M Hughes, Kenneth YN2 R 09/51-05/55
M Hunt, Raymond SN 1st 1952-1954
M Hurst, Claude EM3 E 02/56-12/57
. Hussey, Robert SN 7th 1953-1954
M Huttenstine, Bruce GM3 2nd 05/51-05/55
. Iddings Charles FA ENG 1956-1957
. Insana, Frank MR2/C A 1951-1953
M Iosue, Michael SN FM 1956-1958
M Irey,  John SN 7th 1955-1956
. Iwanejko, Joseph SA L 1951-1952
  Jacobs, Robert ENS/LTJG C 1953-1954
  Jackson, William SN Eng 1956-1957
. Janisch, Joseph DK3 7th 1956
M Jenkins, Gordon SA 3rd 08/51-06/52
M Jernigan, Robert FP3 R 07/53-09/54
. Jeska Ervin SN3 5th 1953-1956
M Johnson, Richard T. SN FM 1950-1952
  Johnston, William QM3 Q 07/52-10/52
  Jones, Thomas SN OR 05/56-03/58
M Jordan, Laurien SN 1st 1955-1958
. Jowett, Donald SN R 1955
M Joyce, Charles L ** EM2 E 1950-1952
. Judson James Midshipman . 1957


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