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  Associate Wife of Years on Board
M Adams, Louise Dale  (deceased) 1951-1955
M  Adams, Mary Lucille George 1944-1946
M Albro, Annie  Gerarde  (deceased) 1950-1952
M Ambrose, Betty Robert (deceased) 1955-1956
M Anderson, Sylvia John  (deceased) 1955-1957
M Andrews, Marion  Marshall H. (deceased) 1952-1955
M Arlequeeuw, Yvonne  Willy (deceased) 1952-1956
M Armstrong, Rachel  James (deceased) 1944-1946
M Austin, Leone  James D. (deceased) 1944-1945
M Bailey, Shirley Glenn Bailey (deceased) 1956-1957
M Barbas, Betty  Allen (deceased) 1953-1955
M Barrett, Minnie Robert (deceased) 1944-1945
M Beck, Victoria Robert Baum (deceased) 1946-1947
M Benkert, Mureen John P  ( deceased) 1951-1954
M Bennett, Janet  James L.  (deceased) 1951-1952
M Berger, Eva Charles I. (deceased) 1951-1953
M Blitzer, Nancy  Edward H. (deceased) 1944-1945
M Bloomfield, Arlene Werner (deceased) 1953-1957
 M Blouch, Nancy  Raymond (deceased) 1954-1955
Blume, Bette  Harry (deceased) 1953-1954
M Boerner, Betty Frederic (deceased) 1944-1945
M Borzon, Lillian Raymond (deceased) 1955-1957
M Branine, Diane Ned (deceased) 1946-1947
M Breeze, Edna Donald (deceased) 1951-1952
M Brewer, Doris John (deceased) 1951-1953
M Bridgewater, Lucy  William (deceased) 1946-1978
M Brummet, Lavenda Jerry (deceased) 1956-1958
M Bryant, Rachel Lee  (deceased) 1943-1946
Buck, Patricia
 Robert (deceased)
M Buckius, Janice Donald  (deceased) 1955-1957
M Bulmer, Claire Lawrence  (deceased) 1956-1958
M Cacchione, Antoinette George (deceased) 1953-1954
M Clark, Shitley Ken (deceased) 1951-1952
M Cook, Mary  Timm (deceased) 1953-1957
M Corsale, Barbara Eugene J. (deceased) 1951-1953
M Cosgrove, Lucille Arthur (deceased) 1951-1952
M Costande, Lucy Jerry (deceased) 1944-1945
M Costello, Margaret John A. (deceased) 1943-1947
M Cottrill, Shirley James H.(deceased) 1953-1956
M Cox, Su Layne Kenneth Cox (deceased) 1988-1991
M Crandall, Jacqueline Ronald (deceased) 1956-1958
 M Cummings, Alice Warren  (deceased) 1953-1955 
M Cummisk, Helen John (deceased) 1951-1954
M Curry, Marie George (deceased) 1951-1955 
Daggett, Marjorie   
Linwood (deceased)
M Dahlberg, Emily Donald (deceased) 1951-1953
M Darnell, Jean Landon  (deceased) 1944-1946
M Davis, Patricia James G. (deceased) 1954-1957
M Dean, Christina Alan (deceased) 1951-1953
M DeFazio, Marlene Frank (deceased) 1953-1955
M DeLaCruz, Mary Pedro  (deceased) 1953-1954
M Delgardo, Stella Richard (deceased) 1943-1946
M DeRosa, Astrid John (deceased) 1953-1954
M Dolan, Barbara Len (deceased) 1951-1952
M Donnelly, Dorothy William (deceased) 1951-1953
M Donzelli, Mary Herbert (deceased) 1951-1953
M Doyle, Merylee Ronald (deceased) 1956-1958
M Dunton, Louise Lloyd  Jr. (deceased) 1957-1958
M Errico,Thelma Joseph (deceased) 1943-1946
M Evans, Jean James (deceased) 1951-1954
M Ewell, Muriel Albert  (deceased) 1946-1946
M Fanshel, Sandra Seymour (deceased) 1956-1957
M Fasnacht, Grace Charles (deceased) 1954-1956
M Feiler, Jane Edwin )deceased) 1956-1958
Fenton, June Wilbur(deceased) 1951-1953
M Ficke, Eleanore John (deceased) Midshipman
M Florey, Esther Dale  (deceased) 1946-1948
M Fox, Grace John (deceased) 1952-1955
M Fourney, Vicki Louis “Bud”  (deceased) 1953-1955
M Foutch, Violet  Byron (deceased) 1946-1948
M Foy, Rosemary James (deceased) 1951-1954
M Franklin, Jonnie Melvin (deceased)  1956-1958
M Fredericks, Shirley Walter (deceased) 1946-1947
M Frey-Smith, Joan Donald E.  (deceased) 1946-1947
Frost, Kathy  William (Bill) (deceased) 1951-1953
M Garnand, Lorena Clinton  (deceased) 1944-1945
M Gaumont, Milly Rodger  (deceased) 1952-1953
M Gavin, Jane Cecil Edward (deceased) 1956-1957
M Gingrich, Helen Richard (deceased) 1951-1953
M Giroux, Elinor Dean (deceased) 1956-1958
M Gleason, Barbara James F. (deceased) 1953-1954
M Glenn, Wanda Forrest E. (deceased) 1944-1946
M Goldstein, Ruth Sheldon (deceased) 1951-1952
M Goltowski, Anne Sylvester  (deceased) 1950-1954
M Graham, Carolyn  Lance W.  (deceased) 1988-1989
M Greenley, Patricia James (deceased) 1952-1956
M Greenwood, Jody John (deceased) 1953-1956
M Griffin, Eva Edward (deceased) 1944-1946
M Gryga, Arlene Robert  (deceased)   1954-1957
M Gunther, Beverly John (deceased) 1946-1947
M Hales, Vivian Harry (deceased) 1943-1946
M Hart, Lesley Michael E.  (deceased) 1987-1990
M Haskins, Frances Kenneth (deceased) 1945-1946
M Heath, Joanne Don (deceased) 1951-1952
M Heil, Joan Vernon (deceased) 1955-1958
M Heisler, Catherine John (deceased) 1947-1948
 M Henson, Nickie  William (deceased)  1951-1955
M Hlywa, Carolyn Andrew (deceased) 1953-1956
M Hogan, Sophie  Edward (deceased) 1943-1946
M Hofmeister, Eileen Leo (deceased) 1956-1958
Horn, Gay L.
Bart (deceased)
M Hotaling, Claire Charles  (deceased) 1946-1947
M Huffman, Helen William  (deceased) 1944-1946
M Huffman, Mary Jane Eugene (deceased) 1945-1948
M Hummel, Nancy Fred (deceased) 1950-1952
M Hurst, Joan Davey T. (deceased) 1952-1956
M Ivonen, Jean Richard (deceased) 1944-1946
M Jarvis, Denise Reed W.  (deceased) 1951-1952
M Jensen, Camille Norman (deceased) 1956-1957
M Jewett, Pauline John (deceased) 1946-1948
M Johnson, Ellen  David  (deceased) 1955-1958
M Johnson, Joan George (deceased) 1951-1955
M Johnson, Shirley Richard(deceased) 1950-1952
M Jolly, Sandra Edward (deceased)  1955-1956
M Jones, Barbara Malcolm (deceased) 1950-1952
M Jordan, Sarah Laurien (deceased) 1955-1958
M Justice, Joyce Jacke L. (deceased) 1951-1954
M Kanter, Nancy Dr.Eugene (deceased) 1956-1957
M Kelby, Jane Albert  (deceased) 1944-1948
M Kells, Nelva Robert (Deceased) 1953-1954
M Kelly, Mary Jack (deceased) 1951-1952
M Kempton, Paulette George  (deceased) 1946
M Kennedy, Helen Glenn  (deceased) 1951-1954
M Kent, Evelyn George (deceased) 1943-1945
M Kiefer, Marilyn Rick (deceased) 1950-1952
M King, Ruth Steven (deceased) 1944-1945
M Kluge, Anna Charles R.  (deceased 1953-1955
M Knapp, Mary Donald E. (deceased) 1951-1954
M Knoll, Aretta Foster Knoll (deceased) 1953-1956
M Kobos, MaryAnn Stanley (deceased) 1956-1958
M Kuhn, Catharine  John  (deceased) 1947
M Laese, Ruth Robert J. (deceased) 1951-1954
M Lagle, Janet Richard (deceased) 1954-1956
M Lavoie, Reta Robert (deceased) 1951-1955
M Lawrence, Audrey Robert (deceased) 1944-1946
M Lehtonen, Gloria Walter (deceased) 1951-1952
M Linthicum, Lillie Samuel (deceased) 1945-1946
M Locklar, Pat Raymond (deceased) 1944-1945
M Locy. Jill John J. (deceased) 1953-1954
M Lorenson, Connie  Delbert (deceased) 1945-1948
M Love, Anne  James P. (deceased) 1955-1957
M Manos, Mary John Manos (deceased) 1947
M Maranilli, Helen Vincent (deceased) 1950-1952
M Martin, Katherine George (deceased) 1953
M Mawdsley, Katherine William McCoy  (deceased) 1944-1945
M McConnell, Lucille Dale (deceased) 1952-1954
M McGuinness, Frances William (deceased)  1947
M Miller, Audrey, M. George Miller (dec.) 1953
 M  Miller, Barbara  Irvin (decased) 1951-1954
M Miller, Elaine James  (deceased) 1945-1946
M Minges, Ada Russell (deceased) 1856-1957
M Mizzaro, Delores Mike (deceased) 1955-1958
Morris, Geraldine
Harvey (deceased)
M Mulholland, Theresa Robert  (deceased) 1957-1958
M Mullins, Louise Ernest (deceased)  1947-1948
M Mulvey,  Helen Richard (deceased) 1950-1954
M Murray, Mary Ellen James (deceased) 1957-1958
M Murray, Nancy William  (deceased) 1951-1952
M Nagel, Carol Nicholas (deceased) 1987-1989
M Naizer, Margaret John (deceased) 1944-1946
M Nance, Faith Bob (deceased) 1951-1955
M Nash, Mary Charles (deceased) 1946-1947
M Neu, Dorothy James (deceased) 1951-1954
M Newport, Sara   Richard W.  (deceased) 1953-1955
M O’Donnell, Betty Thomas R. (deceased) 1953-1956
M Orbach, Iris Willy (deceased) 1952-1954
M Overholt, Patricia  Jack W.(deceased) 1945-1947
M Packer, Joyce Clarence  (deceased) 1944-1947
M Padgett, Mary P.(Pat) Benjamin (deceased)
M Pannella, Patricia Sal  (deceased) 1951-1955
M Patrykus, Gerry Robert (deceased) 1953-1954
M Paulson, Lois Howard (deceased) 1951-1954
M Pezoldt, Gladys Richard (deceased) 1946-1947
M Pierce, Joanne Henry (deceased) 1944-1945
M Piersante, Lorna Vincent (deceased) 1956-1958
M Pifer, Deanna Eugene (deceased) 1953-1955
M Portuese, Carol Joseph (deceased) 1951-1953
M Price, Lucille James (deceased) 1944-1945
M Prichard, Frances Albert (deceased) 1951-1954
M Putzig, Rosemary Robert A.  (deceased) 1957-1958
M Raines, Patsy  Robert (deceased) 1956-1958
M Raney, Hildred Johnny  (deceased) 1953-1956
M Rice, Elsie Walter (deceased) 1944-1945
M Rice, Ruth Tom  (deceased) 1951-1954
M Ritter, Carol John (deceased) 1955-1957
M Ritter, Shirley  Arthur (deceased) 1955-1957
M Rodgers,Sandra,M.  William (deceased) 1957-1958
M Roeseler, Maryann Orval, L. (deceased) 1956-1957
M Roode, Marlene Walter E. (deceased) 1952-1954
M Ross, Joan Wife of Robert (deceased) 1953-1957
M Rudd, Rosa Louis  (deceased) 1944-1945
M Sakowski, Lillian  Bernard (deceased) 1953-1955
M Sampey, Marlene Kenneth(deceased) 1951-1955
M Sandy, Rita Dale  (deceased) 1951-1955
M Scruggs, Virginia James (deceased) 1944-1947
M Seavers, Mary  Harold (deceased) 1951-1952
M Sewell, Dora David (deceased) 1956-1958
M Shinn, Tiena June  Jason O. (deceased) 1944-1946
M Simpson, Margaret Robert (deceased) 1951-1952
M Sippel, Carol Martin (deceased) 1951-1955
M Slanina, Frances John (deceased) 1951-1953
 M  Smith, Nancy  Leroy (deceased)  1952-1956
M Spears, Brenda Wife of David Mazeau (deceased) 1946-1946
M Spencer, Mary  Ralph G. (deceased) 1951-1953
M Spicer, Carol Lawrence (deceased) 1943-1946
M Staedter,  Joanne Edward C.(deceased) 1954-1956
M Stafford, Virginia Richard (deceased) 1951-1955
M Stone, Anne  Bernard  (deceased) 1956-1957
M Stone, Jean  Homer J.  (deceased) 1944-1945
M Stout, Sara Robert  (deceased) 1944-1946
M Sullivan, Shirley George (deceased) 1955-1958
M Taylor, Emelie  Donald (deceased) 1952-1954
M Texter, Ann Russell (deceased) 1951-1955
M Thibeault, Gretchen Wilfred (deceased) 1951-1954
M Tinnirello, Ruth Ann Sebastian (deceased) 1953-1954
M Tringali, Charlotte Guy (deceased) 1951-1954
M Tritt, Carolyn Mac Don (deceased) 1952-1953
M Troxell, Joanne John (deceased) 1955-1957
M Truluck, Lorraine  Donovan (deceased) 1944-1946
M Tyrolt,    Shirley Frank C.(deceased) 1954-1956
M Uhrinak, Joanne Stephen (deceased) 1951-1955
M Umina, Rose Steven (deceased) 1944-1945
M Vonada, Donna Leo (deceased) 1953-1955
M Vossenberg, Anne Frans (deceased) 1951-1952
M Waitkus, Barbara Robert (deceased) 1954-1956
Waldmiller, Shirley
Paul (deceased)
M Wallace, Ruby Estle (deceased) 1951-1954
M Ward, Irma George (deceased) 1951-1955
M Weigers, Margaret Edward (deceased) 1945-1946
White, Joanne James (deceased) 1945-1946
M Wiedenhoeft, Kathleen (Kitty) Jerry  (deceased) 1951-1955
M Williams, MaryAnn Bert  (deceased) 1954-1958
M Wilson, Evelyn Seth (deceased) 1951-1954
M Wilt, Norma Frank  (deceased) 1951-1954
M Woerpel, Alice  Harleasean R.  (deceased) 1951-1953
Wohl, Joan  Milton A. (deceased)  1952-1953
M Wolownik, Marie Richard  (deceased) 1944-1945
M Woskow, Terry Marvin (deceased) 1953-1954
M Young, Juanita Stillman(Bud) (deceased) 1955-1958
M Young, Marjorie  Marshall (deceased) 1953-1954
M Zaagsma, Nancy Gordon (deceased) 1953-1955


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