16 inch salvos
Pictures of the USS Wisconsin firing her sixteen inch guns

The following clipping was from the December 17, 1951 issue of TIME magazine:   Scratch One T-34
“Hitting a tank with a 16-in. shell from a battleship’s main battery is something like potting a mouse with an elephant gun. It isn’t often done–but when it is, there isn’t much left of the mouse. One night last week the 45,000-ton U.S. battleship Wisconsin (which relieved the New Jersey last month) lay off Korea’s east coast, firing her secondary batteries of 5-in. guns in support of U.N. ground troops ashore.  Finally came a call for heavier fire.   The No 2 turret crew swung into action and five 16-in. shells, weighing a ton apiece, whistled into the target area, 8,000 yards away. Result:  direct hits on two Communist gun emplacements, one T-34 tank.  Said an observer:  “With what’s left of that baby (the tank), they can’t even make carpet tacks.”

First 10 pictures were taken from 1943-1947, 1951-1952,1952-1953, 1955-1956, 1990-1991 Cruise books. 

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