Amazing Grace

Please remember the Beloved Wives
of our Associations Former Crew Members


Bahmeier, Julia Fred 1944-1945
Batka, Frances Robert 1951-1953
Beers, Mildred Curtis 1955-1958
Bennett, Joyce Richard 1952-1956
Bishop, Betty Frank 1951-1955
Blake, Jane Warren 1944-1946
Bodnar, Laura Perry 1951-1955
Christopher, Mary Charles 1955-1957
Couch, Sue James 1951-1954
Crawley, June Frank 1951-1952
Danielle, Gloria  Joseph 1944-1945
Determan, Judith Joseph 1951-1954
Dillon, Jean Thomas 1952-1954
Downs, Eleanor   James (deceased) 1944-1945
Espinoza, Betty Luis 1955-1956
FitzGerald, Millie James (deceased) 1951-1954
Fulcher, Shirley A. Thomas 1953-1955
Garthwaite, Judie Richard 1946-1947
Grand, Geraldine Chester (deceased) 1955-1956
Guariglia, Irene Vincent 1952-1955
Hansbrough, Clarice Robert 1944-1945
Hood, Sue Robert 1951-1955
Hunt, Mary Raymond 1952-1954
Irey, Valerai John 1955-1956
Ives, Charlita James 1987-1989
Jenkins, Betty E. Robert 1944-1946
Johnson, Helen James 1945
Johnson, Marilyn Bernard (deceased) 1944-1945
Kokidko, Claire J. Leo 1943-1946
Kraus, Helen Walter (deceased) 1945-1946
Lindsey, Cynthia Zack 1987-1991
Long, Mary Thomas  (deceased) 1945-1947
Lynn, Janet Howard 1950-1954
Marshall, Elizabeth Richard 1991
McCann, Phyllis Thomas (deceased) 1944-1946
McGoldrick, Sarah Louis (deceased) 1950-1952
McHale, Florence Joseph 1944-1946
McStay, Rosemary Joseph 1945-1947
Mehrer, Florence E. Walter 1944-1946
Menta, Lillian Dominic 1952-1956
Michaelsen, Edith John 1950-1954
Moore, Jean Frank (deceased) 1951-1952
Morrison, Helen Edgar 1944-1948
Neighbors, Myrtle Joseph 1944-1946
Nelson, Marie Myron (deceased) 1944-1945
Nichols, Pattie George 1945-1946
Nicholson, Kathleen Howard 1951-1952
O’Connor, Lois Paul 1956-1957
Olson, Majorie Arthur (deceased) 1951-1954
O’Sullivan, Dorothy Jerry 1951-1952
Phifer, Elizabeth Arvel 1944-1945
Picuri, Marie John 1944-1946
Ragsdale,  Eula Hugh (deceased) 1943-1946
Raper, Doris Ashley 1951-1954
Redmond, OlaMae Clifford 1944-1946
Reese, Clara William 1944-1946
Register, Ethel Marvin 1953-1953
Rhine, Ruth John D. (deceased) 1944-1946
Rice, June Donald 1954-1958
Risse, Ollie Herb 1947-1948
Rodencal, Mary John 1945-1946
Rodgers, Edna Don 1946-1947
Roehrig, Doris Edward 1945-1945
Rosenblatt, Maryjo Michael 1987-1991
Rusnak, Katherine Steve 1944-1946
Ryan, Mildred Thurman 1944-1946
Saracione, Grace Frank (deceased) 1955-1958
Schmidtmann, Ruth J. Edward 1944-1946
Schultz, Wanda Ken 1952-1955
Seely, Mary Janet Philip 1944-1946
Stocker, Patricia Robert 1952-1954
Tonhaiser, Judith Richard (deceased) 1953
Trimmer, Larue Jack 1951-1952
Wadsworth, Sara Walter 1953-1955
Wheland, Joyce Ivan 1953-1955
Vang, Betty Carlton 1953-1955
Wiechelt, Sally J. Earl 1951-1952
 Wilt, Norma Lee Frank A. (deceased)  1951-1954
Zaker, Catherine A Richard 1956-1958


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