flasherWe now have ball caps!!!

                                           ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!
We have a new addition to the store. WOOL BALLCAPS! They are blue and look just like the other blue “Former Crewmember” Ball Caps. The price per cap is $20.00.
This includes shipping charges.
I currently have blue ballcaps and red ballcaps that have “Former Crewmember” on the front. I also have a dozen blue ballcaps that, in place of Former Crew Member they say “Association.” These are for the Association members who are not former crewmembers but would like to show their pride in our ship. You can only get them through the Association. The sale of the ball caps supports the Association.

The price is $16.50 each which includes shipping. Contact me at (434) 238-0949 or  if you have any questions about the hats.
Please make your check payable to USS Wisconsin Association, indicate which hat you want and send it to the following address:
Paul Zentmyer
1956 S. Coolwell Rd.
Madison Heights, VA. 24572

USS Wisconsin apparel and gifts are being sold by Nauticus
in their Gift Shop: “The Banana Pier”
You can visit their site by clicking on the following link:

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